Ordering training gear with custom details

How to order: 


Please contact us by e-mail (miatuote@miatuote.fi) to get more information. 

Provide us with following information if you want to order customised performance wear: which sports you need the outfit for, do you have a special theme/ music for your performance, which colours and other details that you wish to have. Also let us know if there is a limited budget for the order and when the outfit needs to be ready. 
We will help with designing the outfit, will draw a sketches and can send you samples of our materials. 

We will also give you information about which measures we will need. If you have a group we can also send sample sizes for fitting. 

Delivery time is normally 3 weeks for single outfits or 5 weeks for group outfits. Before this delivery time we will have to do designing, size measurements and order materials if needed. 

All orders abroad will be invoiced in advance. 

Please remember that we are here to help and will give you a more specific information during the designing and ordering process. 

Ordering training wear with customised details: 

Please contact our design team by e-mail: miatuote@miatuote.fi and we will give you more specific information about how to proceed.


Every piece of our DanceStar Collection can be manufactured in your favourite colour combination, just let us know what you want. We are happy to send you our colour samples by post.

Prints and rhinestone logos can also be ordered from us. Send us your logo and information about size, colours and quantity and we can provide you with prices.


Let’s design unique training wear for your team!

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