Manufactured in Finland


We manufacture all our Collection in Tampere, Finland in our own premises. Quality of our products is one
of our most important values. We also value Finnish craftsmanship, not only because that way we can
ensure every product is perfectly made, but also for other reasons.

We provide employment

Mia-Tuote Oy employs 7 persons full-time, and 2-3 extras in high season. To manufacture all products in
Finland will perhaps lead to higher pricing, but we can then ensure all our staff has decent working
conditions and is paid accordingly.

We want to thank our customers that have helped Mia-Tuote grow and that way we have been able to
offer work for growing number of skilled artisans.

We pay taxes to Finland

Taxes are quite high in Finland, and it is companies that pay highest taxes. By paying taxes we help
maintaining Finland a welfare state. Every product that is manufactured in Finland by a Finnish company
will bring taxes to Finland.

Green values

Our choice is manufacturing high-quality sportswear that lasts for years and we have classic collection
which does not go out of fashion. That way our products can be recycled to younger kids if clothes get
small. We only use materials that are produced in companies that promote environmental responsibility.
Our packaging is recyclable. Buying from Finland reduces also pollution caused by longer deliveries.

We do our part in helping this planet grow greener.

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